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I have a Maytag fridge (Model MFI2569YEM0) that quit cooling / freezing a few days ago.
Symptoms are:

1: Lights are on in the fridge and freezer.

2: The control panel on the left door no longer lights up.

3: The fridge no longer cools or freezes.

If you know what part has failed I'd sure appreciate any info. you can give.

Thank you,


ANSWER: I would be looking at the high voltage control board located at the rear of your refrigerator behind a screwed on panel.   Power in and no power at all out could result in the symptoms you are experiencing.  Part number is 67006390 and your cost is around 60.00 + shipping.  

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you for the information. I called you and left a voice mail asking you to call me so I could order the part but I never heard from you so I bought the part elsewhere. Having bought the part I'm confused as to how a plastic part (see photo) can interrupt the power so I'm assuming the part number was wrong. Can you please Google the part number you've listed (67006390) and confirm this is the part you meant?
Being without a fridge is not an easy thing for us so I do appreciate your help.
Thank you,

Larry we had a power outage and the phones did not work so we had no access to the voice mail.. so since you had such patience with us, I suggest you ask whomever you bought the part from for help.... have a nice day

there must have been a wrong phone number given also, there was no message from you.   so sorry your having a bad time of it... Hope life gets better... sincerely

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