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QUESTION: I think you and I had a thread of questions and answers going which has disappeared - most recently you suggested turning circuit breaker off which I did - I have done it before several times with one success s few days ago in which temp reached low seventies. Temp is now 64 with air coming in at 69. It was 55 inside and air coming in was lower.

ANSWER: Hi Don, you will need a voltmeter if you want to trouble shoot this further. I think you only have one heat strip that is working. Are the breakers on the furnace 60 amps?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: What is the option to continued troubleshooting? How difficult will using the voltmeter and changing the heat strip? To answer an earlier question there is only an a/c compressor outside - breaker for it is off. There is no heat pump. Circuit breaker is 50 amps and has been that way for years. I can get a voltmeter tomorrow.

Don, It won't be difficult to test the components on the heat kit. Can you send me some pics of the heater compartment in furnace? This would make it much easier. At this point I wouldn't  worry about  changing the heater strips, most likely it's a problem with the controls.


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