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I have 1982 intertherm furnace on propane gas . i lit the pilot light and had furnace running at 10 degrees and when i came back next day the thermostat was at 10 degrees and house temp was 20 degrees and furnace running nonstop...so i shut off breaker and switched back on the furnace motor wanted to run the burner would not light upso i installed brand new thermostat and nothing changed  then i bought new multi mount control circuit transformer installed it and nothing changed so what is the problem?

I don't know what type of controls you have on your 34 year old furnace?
I don't know of any  heating thermostat that can be set at 10 degrees or read 20 degrees?
Best I can suggest with a furnace that the blower run's but the burners won't light is maybe the fan limit control.

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