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We have a Danby 28 pint dehumidifier that is about 8 years old. It has this quirky habit of occasionally losing the compressor power but the fan continues to run just a minute after starting up. Then, after about three minutes of just the fan, the compressor starts back up and it continues to run normally. Is this an internal problem with the compressor circuit or is there an external switch that could be serviced by myself. Thanks for your advice.

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Hello! The expert can't answer your question.

Following is the reason:

it would most likely be in the controls, but without testing if there is voltage coming from the control to the compressor, could not be sure.  But if it is capable of running normal and doing the job, then the compressor is fine... start relay on it could also be bad... or starting to go bad... but this also would require testing... so I am sorry I could not give you a definitive answer.  

Expert: Eric Campion

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Hi Eric,
Thanks for your reply.  Although the response was "cannot answer" in fact, you did provide a useful hint - check the compressor relay.  If true, I suspect that the high-voltage contacts in the relay may be dirty or burned or both.  Please indicate if the relay has a 24 V low-voltage circuit along with the humidistat controller.  If so, maybe I just need to replace the relay.

We do not do much work on Danby simply because the availability of parts through our normal distributors...  I Though I had responded however this forum says I did not.  I had requested the model number so I have at least a place to see your unit and offer a hint of suggestions or thoughts....   

Waiting to hear from you, Eric

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