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Hi, I have an up flow Carrier a/c and gas furnace in a pier and beam home. The very bottom filter system is made up of 2 aluminum frame honeycomb weave filers that slide in and lay side by side just below the air filter (20x25x4). The metal filters are very old (30+ yrs) and are 12 1/2" X 19 10/16" X 5/16" thick. Where can I find replacements? The aluminum frames have come apart from the mesh. Thank you for any assistance.

Hello Debbie,
         If you do a quick goggle search for custom furnace filters you can find many options . Here is one for example . http://www.factorydirectfilters.com/custom-air-filter?gclid=Cj0KEQiAuqC2BRDVxMSn

         Good luck , Marcus  http://www.airzero.com

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