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I am getting a new central air conditioner and a new heater installed by a professional contractor.The OLD unit has frion and the NEW .one uses something new. I would like your professional opinion weather I should get the original  ac line cleaned out before use or have a new ac line put in.
         Thank you
         Glenn Henson

Freon is a brand name from DuPont for refrigerant.  Both systems use refrigerant to work.
You are going from an older system that uses R-22 to a new system that uses R-410a. DuPont calls R-410a Puron. They work and do the same thing, just at different pressures.  The concern with the new R-410a is oil.  Cleaning can be effective at removing the oil, though changing the line set is preferred to insure a clean system.  In some cases the old line set is not sized properly and has to be changed. The length of the run and how accessible it is help to make the decision to change or not change.


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