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I have a 3 year old trane a/c system that is blowing room temp air not cold here in florida. I notice that if I turn a/c off and back on (auto), the outside unit fan will run for a few seconds then stop for a few seconds then repeat several times. Until I lower the thermo from 78 to 75 then the fan will run without stopping. But the air will not be cold even after 24 hours. Also no water coming out of drain tube outside when running. I poured water in tube from attic and it's clear. The air handler in the attic I think has an error code because the led lights are flashing about every second green and blue but no red. I tried to count the flashing but it's too fast. I know that 1 green flash every 4 seconds is normal. The evaporator coils look clean. I reset all the c/breakers but no change. model # are 4ttb4061e1000ca and tam7a0c48h41sba. I have a 10 year warranty for major parts but not for labor. I would like to try what I can before I call a repair man. Thanks.

The outside condenser motor has a thermo  disconnect switch built in, if the motor over heats it turns off, when the motor cools the switch re-connects and runs again until it over heats again,
The may have dry bearings that cause it not to run freely and over heat, the motor is most likely  heating from dry bearings. there are no oil ports, the motor is supposedly parentally lubricated at the factory but they often may go dry.
Try squirting some WD-40 onto to the motor shaft so it can run down the shaft and work in this may help for a short time.
If the motor wont spin the rest wont work.  

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