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QUESTION: Hello Jim,

I'd like to get one of those portable A/C units that can be rolled/moved to different parts of the house. Do all of these appliances produce/leak water? Is there a kind that does not drain water out? Not all rooms have windows. As an estimate, how much water do these units produce?

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ANSWER: Richard
If your talking about a refrigerated AC unit, They all have to drain water.

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How much water? If I place a pan (like the fridges has underneath to collect water) would the amount of water be low enough to evaporate from the pan w/o need to manually throwing the water away?

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A refrigerated air conditioner unit when turned on,
first it takes the humidity out of the air before it starts to cool,
when the room air goes in the coil condensates and the water drips out and needs to drain away.
The space your cooling needs to be free of humidity that's why you need to keep doors and windows
closed from the humid outside air.

The refrigerator in the kitchen, works the same way except the water drips into a pan underneath
and a blower blows air on the water and evaporates it.

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