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I have a swamp cooler that I've replaced most of the parts (bearings, motor, pump, belts, etc) over the past 15 years. It still cools fine but has begun making a couple of sounds which I'd like some advice on. One, when its running, is a very slight but definite cyling sound in the blower. The other happens right when it shuts down. When I turn it off there is a very definite sound like a break squeal or groan right at the very last moment of shutting down, it lasts less than one second, more like a half second. Other than that it runs fine, cools fine, but its got me concerned. Belt is pretty new, pullys are coplanar, its lubricated with zoomspout oil, motor is about a year old, both bearings for the drum I replaced last year. There's about 1/2" give in the belt but it groans the same if it has 1" of give also. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've been using AllExperts for almost 17 years with great results. Thanks!

Easily could be the motor, they make them cheap, nowadays using sleeve bearing instead of ball. Where is the motor ultimately made , Mexico or China? You can try removing the belt and run to see if it still makes the noise on start up and shut down, guessing it will not thou. Short of dumping more money in replacement parts I don't know where to lead you, my guess it's the motor.

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