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Hi Craig:

I have a 15 year old 2 stage electric heat pump HVAC system made by Carrier (see pic). The heat works fine but when I turn on the AC, I get cool air as if everything is working but after around 15-20 minutes I notice water leaking on the basement floor. At that point I turned it off. I can't tell if the drain hose is disconnected or if is something more serious. Trying to avoid getting ripped off. Any ideas? Thanks.

If you have not done so already, you need to clean out the drain line.  Figure out where the end of the drain line goes and use a wet vac to clean out the drain line.  You should also change the filter if you have not done so recently.    

If cleaning out the drain line does not fix it, then things will have to be checked out. It could be a cracked or rusted drain pan.  If the unit does not seem to be cooling very well, it could be freezing up and as the ice melts, it drips outside of the drain pan.  A dirty coil can also cause condensate to not make it in the drain pan.


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