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In south central Florida most central ac units last 10 to 12 years. Mine is going on 14. With that in mind I would like to start investigating central ac units. Can you recommend honest accurate web sites to check? Also whould you care to recommend a brand? Any comments would be appreciated.   Thanks


Two things that are primary to consider when purchasing a new system:

#1-The contractor that is installing the unit.
#2-The unit itself.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the expertise of those individuals installing your new system. There are several ways, in my opinion, to help determine a good HVAC contractor. These are some of those criteria: *How long have they been in business? *How well do they rate with organizations like the BBB, Angie's List, The Good Contractor's List? *Are they willing to have you contact 3 or 4 of their recent customers to ask about their experience? *When they come to your home, will they evaluate the system they are replacing along with your ductwork, return air capacity, etc..? *Will they take the time to do a HEAT LOAD analysis to make sure you are ordering the correct tonnage? The most important day in the life of any AC system is the day it is installed. No matter how good the actual equipment is, if the installation is sub-par then your system will not run optimally.

As far as brand, I would recommend either Lennox, Goodman, Daikin or Carrier. Consider a 2-stage system as opposed to a single stage (much more efficient, and you will be more comfortable....a bit more money, but worth the investment). Also, make sure you get a 10 year warranty (at least) on your compressor, heat exchanger (if it's a gas system), and parts. Make sure the warranty is backed by the MANUFACTURER (not a 3rd party). Some brands offer a 10 year "unit replacement" warranty on the outside unit (condenser), which is a great way to go. Finally, make that your new system gets the warranty REGISTERED with the manufacturer immediately after it is installed, otherwise, you will not get any extended coverage (more than 5 years).

Good luck!

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