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You helped me last month with a clogged condensate line and I was able to rectify the problem. Thanks for your help. The problem I have now is with the condenser fan. Although initially it worked for a couple of hours and I was getting cool air, all of a sudden the fan stopped spinning and I am no longer getting cool air. I used a stick to start the fan blades and although that was successful, the fan is not spinning as fast and again I am getting no cool air. Any idea what could be the problem? Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Kevin, I would change out the capacitor first. Should look something like this pic.

Let me know if you have any other questions. JIM

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QUESTION: Hi Jim. Thanks for your help. 3 questions- How do I know which capacitor to get? Can I install it myself (I'm handy). What will be the ballpark cost? Thanks.

Hi Kevin, It's not difficult to change the Cap. You will need to pull the disconnect outside that powers the AC. Then remove the electrical cover. Be careful with the Cap it could have a charge in it, even with the power off. Take the strap off so you can see the label. Should see something like 35/5. That's what you need to match.

The price should be under $20.


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