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First, thank you for all your help in advance. Many people are honest in the trades, some are not. Getting a raw deal isn't fun or at least what certainly seems so.
We have two AC York. I believe they are 4 ton units.
We live in desert SW. They are 9 years old.

About three years ago had issue with a blower motor on one of the units. Called a company with very reputable techs and company respected for honesty. They came out, fixed the issue and we've been good since. They charged us less than 50% of what another company wanted (we initially called the company who had installed for the builder as their name was all over). They were great and I along with 95% or more of customers reported great satisfaction.

So fast forwArd to last week. AC stopped working in 105 heat!
Husband went up to attic and smelled the dreaded electrical fire smell.
Looked at board and sure enough saw why the breaker had tripped. Hello short and arcing.
So, we figured it was the blower motor. So we call the company who helped us before. We waited 4 days ( would've been a week but because prior customer we got the 4 day wait instead ).
Anyway, tech shows up Saturday. Confirms yep that's the issue.
So, he replaced the board and then said he didn't have the blower motor and would have to wait till Monday. Ok.
We told him how the owner had done our work three yeRs ago and saved us a lot of money and we've been in good shape on that unit no problem. This was a different unit this time. Right away when I asked about universal parts (cheaper and on a 9 year old unit...) versus OEM parts he told us can't get universals for a 1 hp blower motor.
Says same for the board. So we being trust worthy people and had such great opinion of their company and same with other customers said ok if that's what it has to be...
So the cost of the blower motor is 666 dollars and board 495 dollars.
We now know after trying to shop the part that much less expensive universal parts were an option.
Needless to say, we do t have 1100 dollars sitting around. But, I'm devistated someone would lie to jack up the bill.
That's not integrity.
It took him 28 minutes to install the blower motor so not a hard install.  (from Opening our front door to leaving and that included writing bill out!  I know this because I have a ring doorbell that records coming and goi g through the door with video!  On Saturday on Initial visit he happened to have an OEM York electrical board and that took about 1 hour to install.
Husband went to attic and questions whether these are OEM parts!
Just upset to think people take advantage of people who trusted their company once and gave them stellar reviews on Yelp and Angie's list!
We have call into owner of company. He's supposed to be a standup guy. Hopefully he will do the right thing and reprimand this person for lying or compensate us the difference. No way would I put OEM part on a desert 9 year old AC unit... No warranty to worry about as expired after 5 years and guessing given desert heat and AC use we will have to replace anyway in next three years or so..

Any advice?
We have a picture of the new electrical board. Is there a way I can know if it's truly an OEM we paid for?


Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

As you read, I haven't been involved in service and repair since March, 1996. That was before the  ECM became widely used in the industry.

I do know they're prone to failure when duct pressures are excessive. Has anyone checked the duct system for restrictions? I'm afraid you're into a vicious, repetitive cycle: The motor fails, they replace, it fails again, ad infinitum.

My best advice is to find someone who knows about ductwork, and can measure static pressure at the air mover to determine whether the motor's operating against excessive static pressure (typically 0.8" to 1.0" or more, as compared with a good duct system at 0.3" or so).

There are hands-on types here who are better equipped to answer your question.  

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