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We have a hot water heater (gas), and even though we set the temperature to the cooler side, the hot water gets pretty hot. What could be the cause of this? how long is it likely to take to fix? and at what cost might it take to fix? (by a licensed HVAC technician).

I am not a plumber and domestic hot water heaters are not really my thing.  I did have a nat. gas water heater at my previous home and had the same issue.  My heater had a standing pilot (ie always on).  That pilot would keep heating the water as it burned non-stop.  I actually turned the thermostat down on my unit so the main flame would not come on.  As long as we were not doing laundry and filling the hot tube, we never ran out of hot water.  

So, if your heater has a standing pilot, the issue could be the pilot light.  You could also have a thermostat not shutting the main flame off at set point.  Again, because hot water heaters are not my thing, cost and time are unknown to me.  If the unit is older, you might find it worth while to change it out.  There might be rebates to help you do it.  You can get a new unit with an induced draft which does not have a standing pilot and is more efficient which reduces gas usage.


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