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Chandler wrote at 2006-12-27 15:41:54
If you have an American Standard furnace model AUY, AUX-R, TUY or TUX-R that ignites for just a few seconds then goes out, have a qualified service technician clean or replace the burners and Flame Rod in the combustion chamber. While they are at it, have them remove the air intake pipe where it joins with the furnace cabinet. You may find that there is debris caught in the screen that collects moisture as air passes by and the moisture freezes restricting the air inlet. A clue that this is happening is a red or green flashing light pulsing in a pattern of 3 flashes then a pause. You can find this light if you look thru a small clear plastic viewing port located in the bottom door panel.

p.fara heating & Plumbing wrote at 2015-01-13 00:23:12
you must check water column in inches on gas inlet to furnace it must be at least 11" if it is lower you may have flame failure

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