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keithson wrote at 2011-04-26 14:58:33
if this problem has been continual since the day it was installed.  there might be debris in the orifice or txv, this could occur if lines were not completely purged of debris.  usually there is a screen that can be cleaned out, but the system must be recovered by a qualified tech.

Absolute Zero wrote at 2011-04-29 20:02:52
1st Setting the thermostat too low is not true.  The system is designed to run until 40-45 degrees.  2nd if your system has been running for 6 years without several problems than odds are you could have a failing TXV or oil logging in the evaporator due to an overcharge.  Either way the coil should be under warranty with Trane as the offer a 10 year warranty on the evaporator coil.  The cost should be somewhere around $600-$800 for the repair.

Dave wrote at 2015-01-28 00:08:24
Sir, I am not an expert but do most of my own maintenance on my rental properties. Filter changes are a must and often. Dirty A coils result from not changing filters when needed. Dirty coils prevent good air flow thru them and can cut the efficiency of your unit and cause freeze up or icing of the a coil and refrigerant tubing. Check air flow @ your supply registers. Closest to the air handler being the strongest. You can remove side panels on the handler to view the "A" Coil for cleaning. I use a garden sprayer/ cup of bleach to Gal. of water. Panel on side of coil lets you access the center or inside fins for cleaning from both directions. Hope this helps.  

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