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Edward S. wrote at 2009-02-25 01:26:40
Please note that the ORIGINAL answer from Blake states that the Fraser-Johnson and Luxaire brands are "CONSIDERED" to be of lesser quality than the York. He DOESN'T say that they ARE of lesser quality.

This is no different than any other HVAC manufacturer such as Carrier, Nordyne, ICP, etc. who all manufacture a more recognizable "premium" brand name along with lesser-known brands that are most often perceived as lesser in quality than the better-known brand.

Tony wrote at 2015-11-20 13:43:57
Good Day to you,

I happen to disagree the the previous post. I work for a Fraser-Johnston distributor and the Fraser-Johnston brand is NOT of lesser quality than that of the York brand. The TRUTH be known is that it is the exact same unit but with a different label. The only difference is that on some York models, they have some different panels that have the York name embedded in them. The warranties are the same, model to model, and since JCI purchased York International a several years ago, the quality has increased and I would put them up against ANY equipment manufacturer in the USA. I have been in this industry for 37 years and have worked for the big brands and they have nothing on Fraser-Johnston. The biggest thing is the installation of the equipment. If the contractor does a good job with the installation, the equipment will give the homeowner many years of trouble free service.



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