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Tom wrote at 2009-04-05 22:46:49
Blake, I was having the same symptoms as Daniel but had a different error code.  So I used your error code list to troubleshoot my furnace...thanks for listing them.  I had 9 flashes as my error and your advice was to check the ignition circuit...the only part of that circuit I could check was the igniter and that turned out to be the bad component.  So if others use this error code listing and have 9 flashes, check the igniter.



Jeff wrote at 2009-10-02 19:44:50
I ma having the same problem with the same unit...You'd think a reset button would be fairly easy to find, but I can't seem to see one??

I don't think I am getting gas flow(don't hear or smell it) and nothing seems to be happening with the flame ignitor although seems to be tight and in tact..



BARB wrote at 2009-11-18 02:04:36
I had the same problem.  Coming out by the blower motor is a small 3" tube that air travels through from the blower into a small round part.  We removed the blower motor and the back plate and found that pieces of junk had accumulated there.  When the furnace was turned on, it ran for a few minutes, then these pieces would clog the tube.  This told the furnace that the blower was off, even though it was still running, and thus, it shut off the gas so as to not collect gas vapors and explode.  Each time it would go off, we received the 4 blinking lights.  This cleared up our problem.

TheyFooledUs wrote at 2010-10-29 22:38:53
I also have an American Standard Freedom 80 gas furnace and have the exact same issues.  Every 2 to 3 years we must replace the control circuit board.  If you look closely where the large connector is soldered on the back of the circuit board you will notice broken solder joints.  This year (Oct-2010) the cost is $187.00  just for the circuit board.  This will be our 3rd time replacing this defective component for a total of 4 bad control boards.  One may think the blinking lights are indicating a specific problem .  Yet in every failure for us the defective component has been the control circuit board.  We're already planning to replace this money pit.

Jack wrote at 2014-11-01 21:01:39
I had 3 blink error. I checked the 24v comming into the pressure switch and followed it back to the molex connector on the control board. I had good 24v and the inducer/motor ran. I reseted the molex connector and it fixed my issue.

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