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bruce p wrote at 2007-04-15 17:19:51
well i would also recommend a bc rich

i own a warlock and it is amazing it gives amazing deep end sounds and also has great high end punch, and can stand intense shredding, also they are very cheap, i got mine off the Internet for 250

and i would also recommend a dean, they have good sounds and look amazing, they have great spiky shapes

Slaine wrote at 2015-01-03 12:35:39
Hey buddy,

BC Rich ain't the only gang in town.  I know a lot of death metal guys use Warwick basses because they have a natural growly tone; they are quite pricey.  Schecter make really good intruments and are great value for money.  Esp LTD are also a good choice for metal in general, and you might want to try some Ibanez too.  Ibanez have thin necks, so you can play some really fast and tech stuff easier, which would be good if your into techy stuff.  Hit up some guitar shops and try out some stuff.  If you really like anything, see if you can get it online cheaper or second hand.  

If you're playing death metal, I'd recommend thinking about getting a 5 string, as the top 5th string will give you extra range and the capacity to have a lower and heavier sound, especially if you are down tuning (I assume you are).

Also, I don't know about your financial situation, but if possibly I'd hold off on buying something at $400 and save up until you can buy something at least $600/700. In my experience, guitars and basses round about $700 are usually exceptioanally better then $300/400 stuff, much more than you'd think.  The danger is, you buy something at $400, then a few years later you want something even better, and you'll wish you had added an extra $200 to your original cash.  I good $700ish bass, if you take care of it, will last you a lifetime.  And if you buy second hand, you might get something worth around $1200.  

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