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REX wrote at 2007-04-15 06:35:05
From my personal experience (as I myself am a metal-head), the underlying themes that suck you into metal are its intellectual and dark lyrics, its evil sound, and the most important of all, how powerful with emotion it makes you feel.

I have listened to metal since I was about 5 (I'm currently 16) and those are what always appeal to me. Especially the power factor. The first song I ever heard was Black Sabbath's debut song Black Sabbath (redundant, I know). It scared the living crap out of me, but at the same time, I felt this chill go down my spine as the wall of sound enveloped me and battered me around like a ragdoll. It pumped my adrenaline, and I felt like a different person. And I loved it. You see, good metal songs can be quite like music from the Classical era of the early 1800's. The music plays to your emotions. A good metal song is not about its lyrics, but the emotion it evokes. As with any great music, people tend to overanalyze the genre (and thousands of related sub-genres), but it's as simple as it makes people feel good about themselves, no matter how dark or bleak the lyrics  may be. Metal has the distinction of being a type of music that allows you to escape from the real world and its problems, if only metaphorically. Compare that to pop, rap, and other related genres, which are meant as a sort of "oohh, listen to this, it'll be cool for about a year", and you can see why metal can be attractive to some people. I know that I love this music, and nothing will change my mind on that.

Chester wrote at 2008-05-22 00:04:10
I don't know why I listen to heavy metal and on the same token I can't understand why other people dislike it. I actually stumbled across this thread researching scientific reasons for why my brain enjoys more aggressive music and others don't. I find normal music very boring, repetitive and simple. I still like mainstream music and enjoy listening to it but I find nothing interesting  or creative about that kind of music. Half the time they have other song writers write their music for them and it ends up being so structured and uncreative. It's made for any general person to find it appealing in some way. What mainstream artist is actually trying to be unique and find new ways to make music? Not many. thats why Nickleback, Daughtry and Crossfade sound similar. What's the difference between Rhiana and Beyonce?

    The amount of musicianship in death metal is amazing. The hammering guitar riffs,   astonishing drum work, and aggressive vocals keeps me interested in the music. I'm not one of those people that listen to it because I'm angry about something so I wear all black and listen to death metal. I actually pretty normal and people are surprised when they learn I like it. It frustrates me that most of the people that listen to it are emo or goth and the only reason they do it is because they are "angry" and it "comforts them". For me it has nothing to do with anger or depression. I just enjoy the musicianship. You can do anything thing with death metal. You can infuse classical, jazz, punk, southern ect... and its still death metal. But if you put death metal into any other of these genres, the genre will be changed to death metal.It's a dominate form of music. I really do look at death metal as a reaching into new innovations of music. The level of music they are writing, I think, can be compared to some of the famous classical composers. Just think if you gave the composition of some death metal bands to an orchestra. It would sound amazing. As far as the lyrics go, I dislike it when bands sing about satanism and hating everybody, not all bands lyrics are this way though. Half the time you don't even know what they are saying. The point of the vocals isn't about being able to sing along or know what the the message is. I look at it as another instrument. The vocals are there simply to create added pitch and rhythms with emotional sustenance portrayed through the human voice, which instruments cannot create. The emotional value of the screaming can be depicted in so many different forms. It can be sadness, happiness, anger, frustration, excitement, anxiety ect, it all depends on what mood the song is exerted as. There is also the added lyrical value that most people can't understand anyway. The more you listen to the screams of death metal the easier it is to understand. I don't really see much a difference between screaming and singing. they both take vocal control to do it. It's just that in screaming you use the back of you throat. I try to  get members of my family to see death metal the way I do. They always say that they don't like the screaming and it's just noise. I like all forms of music even if it does get boring. I understand why other people like rap or pop I just don't understand why they can't see why I like death metal. Truthfully I am saddened that people can't appreciate death metal the way I do. I hope you understand a little bit better.

Porcupine wrote at 2009-03-19 19:49:21
they reason people listen to metal or a least the reason many men listen to metal is because of a release of anger and sadness, other men take there mind of anger with gym, sports or literature.  people need to release feelings, some people  release these feelings by talking to others, others release them through metal.  for  me personally i didn't always like metal, but the more i listened to music pop and rock music became soft and unenergetic so i needed something heavier.  when i was ten i loved that U2 song bueatiful day.  when i listen to it n ow days there is no pump, it doesn't make me feel like rocking out.  the reason metal lyrics usually deal with depressing topics is because firstly it is very image based style of music.  secondly to alientate others who do not understand.  metal heads stereotypically tend to be interested in unusual topics.  the usually don't care about celebrity gossip or other things like that.  rob zombie mention in an interview as a kid he was interested in the manson family.  rock music just got heavier and needed to shock more.  but people listen to metal for energy which they can't get off lighter musics or at least at that time.  some days when i listen to slayer it's just load and annoying sounding and i wasn't to listen to blink 182 other times blink 182 has no energy in it.   metal is however a music and lifestyle for ecentric people who wish to be different from society.  dick from iron maiden said metal is the 15 kid in you and if you ever loose that you won't know why you liked it.  you get into metal at a young age and then either keep it or let it go.

just some girl on the net wrote at 2010-11-20 03:42:24
I listen to nightwish and stuff and yes it is kind of calming and soothing. I think the best answer is everyones different so everyone likes different kinds of music.

Jew wrote at 2011-10-31 01:03:56
@Porcupine I agree with chester, but I think you speak ignorantly.

Mikey wrote at 2011-11-16 10:10:32
I can see how Heavy Metal may have been popular back in the late 60's when as they say if you remember the 60's you weren't there. You had to be high to enjoy it but now it's so yesterday. I can't believe people still like it. I guess as long as we have teeny boppers we'll never be able to figure out why.  

Ian wrote at 2013-02-11 18:13:07
Metal music does comfort us in a way. Most of the songs that are played in metal music tell a story that many people can relate to. If its a song about suicide then for people who thought about suicide listen to it and it makes them feel like their not alone. Some bands play songs about how they were bullied and abused. This helps kids, or anyone really feel like they are not alone in this fight, and that to just stand up for what they believe in and think. Metal is also a lifestyle, and a way of thinking. I hope this answer helps a little have a good day :)

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