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Hello, I have received this text which I believe is hebrew: הסידור שלי של חתיכה יהודית נוספת
If you don't mind, do you know what this means in English, and can you tell me how I would pronounce it in Hebrew


The text is indeed in Hebrew ('hasidur sheli shel chaticha yehudit nosefet', pronounced phonetically).

Unfortunately, being out of context it doesn't make any sense and is basically untranslatable. Perhaps if you told me where it came from and in what context, I could make some sense in translating it.


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What I don't do: NO NAME TRANSLATIONS. For that, try http://www.stars21.com/translator/english_to_hebrew.html

What I do: I'll help you understand Hebrew phrases or single words, as well as answer questions about Jewish customs and practices.

You may also try the Gooogle English-Hebrew translator, at http://www.google.com/dictionary?langpair=en%7Ciw&q=&hl=en&aq=f


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