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Jacob Cohen
Jacob Cohen  
My sister and I are ordering a headstone for my mother.  Can you tell us what the Hebrew says on my father's headstone (attached).  And can you tell us what line of Hebrew should go on my mother's headstone?  Her name is Shirley Cohen.

Also, would it be considered "disrespectful" not to include Hebrew on hers - no one who would visit her grave can read it - she was not very religious.  Thank you very much.


The Hebrew line says "Buried here is Jacob son of Dov" (Dov is the Hebrew equivalent of the Jewish name Ber). I can't imagine why not including Hebrew would be disrespectful to her or to Judaism. This has more to do with customs than anything else, and it seems that Polish Jews included a line in Hebrew quite often, while German, French and British Jews did so rarely.


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