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Thanks for your quick response. Before I turn to an expert in Arabic I thought I would give you some book titles that seem to be in Hebrew. They contain some form of "meniah".Does this help to pin down what they translation might be?
Ha-Meniah; Baba Kamma Perek Shlishi by Nathan Lomner
Lahats u-shehikah ba-horaah: Gormim ve-darkhe meniah /Yitshak Fridman, Ayalah Lotan (Pirsum) (Hebrew Edition) by I Friedman (1993)
Hidavrut lo alimut: Meniah, hityahasut ve-hatsaot li-feiluyot kevutsatiyot ve-ishiyot ba-nosim : shekarim, genevot... by Rahel Levi-Segev (1994)
Petsiot sport: Ivhun, tipul u-meniah shel pegiot gufaniyot ekev peilut sportivit (Hebrew Edition) by Reuven Metrany (1993)

Tsave meniah (Hebrew Edition) by Eliyahu Vinograd (1993)


The Hebrew equivalent of 'H' is the letter hey. The examples of 'meniah' you've listed are not spelled with a hey but with a het, which is a guttural sound similar to the way the 'j' in Tijuana is pronounced by Spanish-speaking people. So, sorry to tell you, there is nothing related to -iah (God) here. All of your examples are various permutations of 'laying down'.


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