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Is there a particular religious service or holy day where the Rabbi (or Biblical Priest) wore white vestments?

Does the word CHAD ( חד ) have any meaning?  I know Echad is biblical Hebrew for the one referring to God.  I thought I read that CHAD was Hebrew for Sharp or Aramaic for "one".  Would this work have any religious significance?  Could it be anyone's last name?

Toda raba.

Hi Steve,

You are correct in reference to chad. In Hebrew it means 'sharp', while in Aramaic it means 'one'.

We know that when the Temple was still the center of Judaism, the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur wearing white vestments. Other than that, there is no particular requirement to wear certain vestments by Rabbis (although most prefer white vestments for Shabbat services).

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