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Hello Mr. Yaari. I was wondering if there are any websites which would have internet Greek to Hebrew/Hebrew to Greek and Latin to Hebrew/Hebrew to Latin dictionaries on them? If not, do you know where one could purchase or order such dictionaries in old-fashioned book form? The reason I`m interested in this is because I`d like to see how the Greek and Latin words are transliterated into Hebrew so that I can look for them in the Bible code.


I've seen both Greek/Hebrew and Latin/Hebrew dictionaries at Barnes and Noble, but they would be of little use in Bible Code searches. For a good Bible Code search, the researcher needs to have a good grasp of the Hebrew vocabulary and grammar.

Now, although most of the Bible Code applications are linked just to the Hebrew text of first five books of the Old Testament, I understand that some are free-standing and can be linked to any text in any language. It is possible that such an app would be more useful to you. As I understand, some interesting codes were found in the KJV Bible.

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