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I hope you can help me!! We need to get my Mom's Headstone engraved and have run into issues with her Hebrew name. My Dad left me a piece of paper with everyone's Hebrew Name.
For my Mom he had "Labe Hesa Bat Mayer".
For my Grandfather - Mom's Dad - he had "Mayer Ben Labe Hesa".
This makes sense since my Mom was named after her Grandfather - Louis Harris.

What I don't understand is why "Labe Hesa" on my Grandfather's Headstone is  -  מאיר בן אריה  צבי          

I've been told that Labe Hesa in Hebrew is - ליבא הדסה בת מאיר
And I've also been told - ליבה חסיה בת מאיר

Liebe Hassia = Ahuva Hassia

How can I determine what is correct for my Mom's Headstone???

Thanks so much for your help.


Hi Linda,

Clearly, your great grandfather's name has been modified over the years. By sheer coincidence, he shares his first and middle name with my maternal grandfather; the name, as confirmed by your grandfather's tombstone, is Leib Herschel (the tombstone reads, in Hebrew, "Mayer son of Arye Tzvi". Arye is the Hebrew for the Yiddish Leib, and Tzvi is the Hebrew for the Yiddish Herschel.

Bottom line, due to misunderstanding, your mom doesn't have a Hebrew name. The various permutations offered to you are based on great grandfather's name, but they are not hers. If you want to give her a Hebrew name based on GGF's name, you can indeed take Leib ("lion". also "leo")which is similar to Liebe ("dear") which is Ahuvah in Hebrew.

Or else you can take the Herschel part ("deer") and give her the Hebrew name Tzviah. Either way, the tombstone will read "Auvah (or Tzviah) bat Mayer"

אהובה בת מאיר  (Ahuvah bat Mayer)

צביה בת מאיר   (Tzviah bat Mayer)

And obviously you can combine the two, and make it Ahuvah Tzviah bat Mayer.



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