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Box inscription
Box inscription  

Hi, I live in Connecticut USA, my customer brought me a unique box with what it seems ancient Hebrew Symbol or Language.  On top it has a triangle with symbols and Hebrew writing.  I'm attaching pictures of the box.  We do not know what it is but it seems something that belonged on a Temple/Synagogue.  But we do not know.  I have more inscription but I was not able to load since your site only takes 2 pictures. I can send it if to you directly just let me know what email to send it.  Thank you.. Victor Ochoa, Bethel, CT


You can send the rest of the pictures to The inscription on the triangle says GOD in Hebrew, but the inscription on the box is not in any language I know, and I therefore suspect it is symbolic. Since the triangle is part of the logo of the Free Masons, it is possible that the box was used in Masonic rituals.



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