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Good morning.  I came across the Hebrew name Breindel which I read means blessing.  My husband and I just lost a baby through miscarriage but very much want to name this child.  This name very much appealed to us.  Can you possibly help me with the proper pronunciation?  I saw a lot when I searched online but know little about correct Hebrew pronunciation.  The one that seemed to be the most consistent was to pronounce it like "Brinn dell."  Is this correct?  I would very much appreciate your help with this.

Hi Kim,

Yiddish is a phonetic language, meaning that 'A' has the sound of 'Ah' and 'E' has the sound of 'Eh'. The correct pronunciation of Breindel is 'brain-del'.

Breindel is not a Hebrew name; it is a Yiddish name. The equivalent name in Hebrew is Brachah, wher the 'ch' sound is the same as the 'ch' in Loch Ness.

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