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Hebrew Language/translation of Hebrew word Tsaba


Why does the word Tsaba in Hebrew used numerous times in the Old Testament used to describe Army, Armies, the Sun, Moon and Stars, heavenly host?

Does it just mean a trained group that follows orders?

Or does the Sun, Moon and Stars have something to do with location of a war or wars?

How is it that it says in Daniel 12:3 that the ones who have insight and the righteous will shine like the stars?

and then angels are also called stars in Revelation 1:20

Is there a connection from the Hebrew Language translation standpoint.


Tsaba (modern pronunciation: Tsava) is indeed an army, and God is described many times in the Bible as 'God of the Armies'. In a holy war, those who join the forces of good become part of the 'armies of God'.

At the time of war, God uses all weapons in His disposal, including the sun (remember Joshua?), the moon and the stars.

The Daniel quote is a metaphor.  So is the one in Revelation 1:20.



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