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QUESTION: Sir, can you help me translate 'Nipun Sharma' in hebrew?

Both the words are derived from hindi language. In english Nipun means habile i.e. skillful and sharma is a surname.

ANSWER: Sir, do you mean translate or transliterate? Names are usually transliterated and not translated.
The transliteration of 'Nipun Sharma' is ניפון שארמה (transliteration means it is pronounced the same as in English or in Hindi).
If you are still looking for a translation, habile is מיומן, pronounced meyuman.

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QUESTION: Sir, I checked it online, it says 'nippon sharma'. Is there no specific term for nipun?

No. Hebrew uses small dots and lines (called "Niqqud") to mark vowels. Most native speakers do not use these Niqqud vowels, so that Nipun and nippon are written exactly the same.
You can use vowels, and then it would be:
נִיפּוּן שַׁארְמָה and no mistake.
But they are used mostly for poetry and children books.
Just for comparison sake, nippon is spelled נִיפּוֹן (see the difference in the dot on the fourth letter from the right).

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