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QUESTION: As you can imagine, the verb paradigms are complex for a westerner.  I figured rather than just learn a list, I would handle verbs, one at a time.  Well the first verb naturally is:


Since it appears to be the shoresh itself (Qal?), it must be weak since א is weak.  But if it is, which of the Benyamin is it, pa'al?  I can't find a conjugation for this verb anywhere.

Thank you as always. Steve

ANSWER: Steve,

ברא ("created") is a very unique verb in the Bible, as it appears only once. There are other verbs which are synonymous with ברא and which are used elsewhere in the Bible, but ברא appears just once (it appears, conjugated, in the name of the book itself, B'reshit, Genesis). And yes, ברא is pa'al.



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QUESTION: That is interesting.  I thought that the shoresh of בראשית was related to the head ראש but ברא makes it very interesting



The Sages see ברא and  בראשית, which are the first two words in B'reshit, as coming from a combined root for Creation, Genesis (and so do most dictionaries). The Sages therefore suggest that the first two words in Genesis should be read as "In the beginning of Creation, God created...".


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