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I understand, in the Hebrew Language, numbers have a word translation. What is the interpretation of the date, 11/7/2006?


It's the other way around - each Hebrew letter have a number translation. The letter Aleph is 1, Bet is 2, etc.:

Aleph א 1
Bet ב 2
Gimel ג 3
Dalet ד 4
Hei ה 5
Vav ו 6
Zayin ז 7
Chet ח 8
Tet ט 9
Yud י 10
Kaf כ 20
Lamed ל 30
Mem מ 40
Nun נ 50
Samech ס 60
Ayin ע 70
Pei פ 80
Tzadi צ 90
Kuf ק 100
Reish ר 200
Shin ש 300
Tav ת 400

So you can see, a date cannot be interpreted as Hebrew words.

Now, Gregorian dates can be converted to Hebrew dates -
11/7/2006 can be either 11 July 2006 (the European way) or November 7 2006 (the American Way).

11 July 2006 was
ט״ו בתמוז תשס״ו
(15 Tamuz 5766 - add one extra day if it was after sunset)

November 7 2006 was
ט״ז בחשון תשס״ז
(16 Cheshvan 5766 - add one extra day if it was after sunset)  

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