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Sorry, I cant do the accent marks, but the word "har" is translated as hill. I am wondering about the word "harar"? I also noticed "hara" means with child.

Could this possibly mean the hill has conceived? I know this doesn't make sense in the physical, but it may have meaning in the spiritual or prophetic sense?

The word "har" (הַר) is translated as mountain. There is a different word four hill, which is "giv'ah" (גִּבְעָה).

"harar" is not a word in Hebrew. The plural word "hararim" has a poetic meaning of "lots of mountains", but it is only used figuratively.

"hara" (הָרָה) means with child, and it is possible that the origin of the word is to indicate that her belly is shaped like a mountain. When she has conceived, she's not "hara" any more. She "yalda" (gave birth).

So "the hill has conceived" is הגבעה ילדה - hagiv'ah yalda.  

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