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GPS Cor-ords
GPS Cor-ords  
QUESTION: Can anyone give me a translation of the following. It represents UK GPS Co ordinates in London

I don't know what it is, but it looks as if someone was trying to make this code(?) without really knowing Hebrew.
The first word reads צרפן. It should read צפון, meaning north. I can only assume that the seemingly meaningless letters that follow represent 51 31.32, so the X coordinate is north 51 31.32.
The second one is even trickier - the first word is west, followed by "zero" and then ז.ץה not only makes no sense, but is also uses a letter that cannot be used in this context, so I can't decipher it.
Any additional clues may help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION:  the link is to the original document in which I have to solve the clue use decrypt link to show the additional hints.  At the top is a listed coordinates which is the public house "The Flying Horse on Tottenham Court Road opposite the underground station. The final coordinates take one to a location within 5 minutes walk from the listed cor-ords if that makes sense . So your answer contain first line the word North and the second line the word WEST is on the right lines
Hope that makes sense.

I checked the coordinates of The Flying Horse on Google Maps and they were:
5130'59.6"N 007'50.8"W

So the "zero" part makes more sense now.

I would try
5131'32"N 007'45"W (Tavistock Square Gardens) or 5131'32"N 007'55"W, because I really don't know what letter they meant by "ץ", which has no "standard" numerical value.

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