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I have a problem with one of my hedgehogs. My hedgie sonic has not been eating or drinking for 2 days now. I have been feeding him with a dropper, mixing food and water together. I just started doing this today. Yesterday he looked like he was dead, but I reached in to pick him up and he barely curled up in a ball. This morning he had a little bit of blood around his mouth and barely moves. I cleaned him up and fed him. My wife and I cannot afford a vet right now. We keep him in a small room with a space heater keeping the room at 85 degrees at all times with 4 more hedgies, the others are all healthy right now. Please help if you can.

Dear Joshua:

Is Sonic vomiting?  What does his poo look like?  His behavior indicates that he feels very sick.  Without vet care, he may die.  It is normal for hedgehogs to occasionally go off their food, but he has to have water.  Keep syringe feeding him.

I suspect he might have a bacterial infection, which will probably require antibiotics to clear up.  I would keep him separate from your other hedgehogs.

Have you seen any spiders in your hedgehog room?  If Sonic ate a spider, he could be suffering from poisoning, although hedgehogs are more tolerant of toxins that most other domestic mammals.

Please try to get him to a vet.  There are vets who will give you payment plans.  There are even funds available for vet care when the care-taker cannot afford the bill.  Go here:

Please follow up to let me know how this turns out.

Good Luck & Hedgie Blessings,



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Have had hedgehogs since 2001 - 16 so far. I have no experience with non-weaned babies, and limited experience with breeding and with pregnant hedgehogs. I have had too much experience with WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome). I would rate myself "expert" at syringe-feeding, and as "advanced" at performing SubQs. Two of my hedgehogs have injured an eye to the point that it had to be surgically removed. I have had a lot of hedgehogs who suffered from cancer, some who had surgery and some who didn't. Some of my quilly kids have had abcessed teeth; one guy lost all of his teeth but one! I have had multiple female hedgehogs who suffered from bleeding, who had to have surgery for uterine cancer, which was in most cases successful. Temperamentally, I have had very timid hedgehogs, persistently grumpy hedgehogs, biting hedgehogs, and very friendly hedgehogs whom I took with me as "ambassadors" for educational presentations.

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