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My hedgehog, is wobbling, not eating (his cat food or drinking his water), and walking in circles. He went to the exotic vet, (who knows him and saw Thor 3 weeks ago to get his nails cut), and the vet did not think it was WHS, could be a cancer, cardiovascular problem, or a virus. Thor has lost 3 ounces, walks around as if he was blind and is breathing rapidly. We rescued Thor 2 years ago, so I am not sure how old he is, guessing around 5 years old. The vet put him on antibiotics, which I put in a syringe and squirt in his mouth 2 times a day. His breathing is better, but he is not interested in eating or drinking. We bring him to the dish of water, hold him up with his mouth towards the water. I then put him in his crate, wrap him in a towel and make sure that he can not get hurt, as he wobbles and leans (or falls) to the left. There are towels around the whole interior of the crate. When I check him, about every hour, he is in the same ball position, sometimes lying on his side. Do you have any other suggestions for me as to what else I can do? Or, should I continue doing what I am doing until his time comes? Many thanks for your assistance.  jacqui


Hi, Jaqui:

I am so very sorry to hear of the illness of your little one, Thor.  

I am not a vet, but his symptoms certainly sound to me like Wobbly.  

Did your vet say why the antibiotics?  I would wonder that Thor was not given some Prednisone, as hedgies tolerate it well, and it is usually a good appetite stimulant.

If you are able to give him meds via syringe, there is no reason not to try giving him food and water the same way.  Get a syringe with a long curved tip.  Use liquids (Boost, for instance, has been a favorite of my quill-kids, esp. Strawberry flavor) or finely ground kibble and liquid.  Always offer plenty of water, also by syringe.

Even if Thor has WHS, it may be possible for him to have a pretty high quality of life for 6+ months with your help.  I have had two WHS hedgies.  It was heartbreaking to see them slowly go downhill; but OTOH, I got closer to them than to any of my other hedgehogs, and I truly believe that they wanted to stay around for a while with me.

If you have any other questions, or if you are just willing to share your experiences with Thor, please follow up.  I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Hedgie Blessings,



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