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Can i use bird grit as a litter material for my 8 wk old male hedgehog? If not what are my options.


Hi, Patti:

If I am thinking of the same thing you are talking about, then bird grit would not be a good material for hedgehog litter. I believe it's essentially finely pulverized rock -- not very absorpbant, and not good for a hedgehog who decides to try to eat it.

I need to know if you're talking about a material to spread all over the cage or only in a small litter box.  

There are a variety of commercial litters available (designed for the whole enclosure) that consist of wood pellets or shavings.  I prefer the pellets because they are less likely to end up outside the enclosure.  Pellets are also decent for a separate box.  Do not use shredded cedar or pellets -- it is hard on the hedgehog's respiratory system.  

Another option is shredded newspaper, such as Care-Fresh.  I don't have any experience with this type of litter, but some people say they like it.

If your hedgie turns out to be one of those who isn't really inclined to use a litter box, you can simply observe where he goes and place folded paper towels in the spot. There is a good chance he will keep using the same area.  I have a guy like this.  You can put extra pieces of liner under the paper towels to soak up extra pee, esp. if you already use liners to cover the whole floor of the enclosure.

Under normal circumstances, hedgie poo is moist but only semi-soft, so it isn't hard to clean up unless it's on a ridged or wire wheel.  By the time I get to daily cleaning, much of the poo is dry and I just pick it up with a tissue.  Not so, the pee.  It can be pretty stinky, esp. if your hedgie does it on top of poo and then mixes the two together on his wheel.

I hope I've helped some.  Let me know if you need clarification or more info.

Hedgie Blessings,



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