I have a 4 week old that I've hand fed for 2 weeks was doing good but now seems to have bloat really bad , I've tried the gas drops tonight they haven't seemed to help and I was wondering if there was anything else we could do? Or that the vet might could do ?

Hi, C:

I have not had experience with babies, but I did take care of a year-old boy who developed WHS and had digestive problems, including severe bloating.  You can get gas drops containing simethicone for infants in most pharmacies and grocery stores.  If you wish to use a more natural alternative, check out this site:


There is also quite a bit of other info available on the Internet under "infant bloating" and similar search parameters.

Also, in general, pure pumpkin puree (the canned variety is fine) tends to help the digestion.  It is good for balancing between diarrhea and constipation.

Good luck and Hedgie Blessings,



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