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QUESTION: hi laurel,
i have a question about my hedgehog. he is a 2 year old.
today i just discovered a redness and yellow discharge in his left eye. he doesn't show any lethargic signs.
i'm searching for a vet that can help with hedgehog but apparently it's a bit hard because it is hardly available in my country.
it will be really helpful if u can help while i'm searching for a vet.
Thank you :)

ANSWER: Hi, Michelle:

I'm sorry, but I can't be much help to you because I am nearly certain he needs to have some topical medicine to put in the eye.  Maybe you could get a vet who isn't familiar with hedgehogs to prescribe something on the basis of a textbook such as "A Veterinary Technician's Guide to Exotic Animal Care."  

I also have two kinds of ointments that were dispensed to me for eye infections in my hedgehogs: Bacitracin-Neomycin-Polymyxin, and Neomycin and Polymyxin B and Dexamethasone.  These drug names would give a vet something to look up.  Alternatively, maybe you could get a pharmacist/chemist to dispense some to you.  I don't think it requires a prescription, at least not here in the States.

Please feel free to follow-up!  I hope your little guy gets well quickly.

Hedgie Blessings,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: we get some suggestion from my rabbit's vet but she doesn't experience much with hedgehog. can his eyes be allergic to the bedding? because recently my brother change his type of bedding. what type of bedding is the best for hedgehog? recently we used pine shaving. and for now we used a towel just so his eye doesn't get worse. thanks for the previous question. and i'll go to the vet to ask for the medicine.

thank you :)


Cedar bedding is really bad for hedgehogs.  Pine can be a problem for some.  You might want to consider just putting your little guy on vellux liners.  Vellux is a material they make blankets out of.  It doesn't really have loose threads that a hedgie could get caught on.  I haven't seen vellux in stores over here lately, but I feel sure it can be found on the Internet.

Good Luck & Hedgie Blessings,



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