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Hi my hedgehog is loosing quills but I'm not sure were exactly but sometimes i find quills in her cage and on her towel i hold her with.i'm very worried and need an answer and cure.:[

Hi, Jocelynn:

How old is your hedgehog?  Most hedgehogs go through one or more quillings during their first year of life.  So if you're within that period, quill loss is perfectly normal.

If not, have there been changes in your hedgehog's environment or food?  Any extra stress?  All of these things can cause quill loss (these are sensitive little guys)!

And hedgehogs lose some quills naturally, just as you and I shed hair.  New quills regrow to replace the ones that are lost.

Unless the quill loss is severe (i.e., involving the hedgie developing bald spots), it's probably nothing to worry about.  Severe quill loss can result from mites and they require treatment by a vet.

Also, a vet check never hurts.  

Best Wishes & Hedgie Blessings,



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