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I'm going to link some of the high quality cat foods that i can find in my local pet stores. (i'm from Malaysia)

all of these are corn-free, most of them are grain-free and the protein, fat and fiber percentage looks okay. can you help me decide which ones should i use to feed my hedgehog ? Im planning to feed a mix to him so help me choose 2-4 of these kibbles. but if you cant help me can you direct me to any place where i can find help ? I've already posted something similar to this at and i just want to get as all the experts' opinions on this

the hedgehog im getting is 2 months old (the lean recipe)

Hi Again, Jasmin:

I am no more an expert than many folks who have breed or cared-for hedgehogs for many years.

The hedgehog food sites I’ve visited mostly don’t mention tomato at all.  But there are exceptions:

This site says Hedgies can eat tomatoes, but only in small quantities:

So, it would appear that tomatoes are okay in a hedgehog’s diet, if fed sparingly.

The only food on your list that I recognize is Wellness.  That would be a good choice for one of your foods.

This breeder offers some helpful advice, but bear in mind that she is financially connected with the manufacturer of Spike’s Delight.  I think that one is here:

Hope this helps!

Hedgie Blessings,



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