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My 4 year old hedgehog Charlie has been having watery slightly green looking poops for about two weeks now. I think this may be connected to the tumor appearing mound on the toe of his front paw that has grown slowly over the past few months. Is there anything I can do to help harden up his stools or possibly help make him more comfortable? I have been unemployed for the past while and can no longer afford to go to the vet with how expensive they are. Other than the issues mentioned his behavior has not changed much with the exception of him not using his wheel nearly as much if at all. Currently I make sure to clean his cage daily and keep fresh food and water available to him at all times.

Hi, Brianna:

So sorry that your little guy isn't feeling well.  Also, I apologize for having responded so belatedly. I have no special excuse, because I'm busy most of the time.

Green poop can sometimes suggest cancer, esp. if it is also tarry-looking.  But your guy's problem sounds to me more like clostridium infection. Some young and hardy animals can wear it out on their own, but that does not seem to be Charlie's case.  He really needs some antibiotic.  And for that, you'll have to visit a vet. Call around; one of your local vets may be willing to let you pay by installments.  

Mashed pumpkin or sweet-potato may not cure clostridium, but these veggies can sure help restabilize the digestive tract.  Use just packed pumpkin or sweet-potato; not pie mix or anything.

Keep cleaning his cage and providing the fresh food and water; it'll help keep him from reinfecting himself.

I wish there was more that I could do.

Good Luck &



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