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I decided very late in my undergraduate career that I wanted to pursue a Ph.D in clinical psychology. Unfortunately, I do not have any research experience (although I did attempt to get some during my last year but to no avail). Anyway, first I will provide my academic record:

Overall GPA: 3.309
Psychology GPA (only psychology classes): 3.7

As far as extracurricular activities are concerned, I only have one really. I am a black belt in Taekwondo and have been teaching Taekwondo for about three years. Beyond this, I don't have much.

Will a Masters be a good option for me to make me more competitive? During the Masters, would I gain any research experience?

Hi, Bilal.

I think the best plan will vary from school to school. You may find some schools that are fine with your current qualifications for admitting you to a Ph.D. program. Remember also that many Ph.D. programs start with a masters program and then have you continue.

You don't need to second guess what schools or departments are looking for. Start contacting them, explain your background and ask them how they would want you to proceed.

If they simply want you to have more research experience, it may not be necessary to get a masters first. You can take some time to arrange for research experiences.

Of course, to be competitive  you will also need a strong GRE score. See my website for suggestions on the GRE.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

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