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My daughter is not enthusiastic about many things but she is very interested in New York Academy of Art.  She applied and was not offered admission but was offered to be placed on the waiting list. The schools website includes details about past year application, acceptance and enrollment numbers but nothing about the waiting list!  Will they hate it if she sends another recommendation letter , financial ability letter or other additional info?  Is the waitlist basically a rejection, or does she have a realistic shot?  I guess I'm especially wanting to help if possible because she's uncharacteristically excited about this school and I think it would be a huge step forward for her. She's concerned that if she asks them these questions it could hurt her chances of being accepted from the waiting list as she would be considered a "pest."  Thanks, E.M.

Dear E.M,

Being placed on a waiting list does not mean rejection. It will not hurt her chances to ask reasonable questions. If she had done anything noteworthy since she initially applied to the Academy, than I strongly recommend that you send that information to their admissions office.  At this point, it is a waiting game.  While many people may have been offered admission, that doesn't mean that they will accept, which means spaces usually become available.  

Here is what concerns me.  What does she plan to do with a degree from the Academy?  I understand that her lack of enthusiasm (this school being the exception) may have prevented her from having other success and while attending the Academy can be a great experience, it is also a great deal of hard work.  Aside from the commitment of years and finances, she will need to be proactive in networking with instructors, alumni, potential employers, etc. My question is why this school is of interest to her.  Is that interest strong enough to carry her through the hard work that will be required?

Being determined doesn't make you a pest.  It makes you a winner or at least not a push-over.  Having you in her corner is probably the best asset she has.  Your love and determination may carry her through to places she might not visit otherwise.

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