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Hi Jay,
 I graduated from a public Ivy last year with a 2.3. I attribute my low GPA to working a crazy job to support myself in addition to some medical issues. Despite this, upon graduation I landed an awesome job with a Fortune 500 company, and on top of that I was interviewed and selected for a special internal initiative that allows me to work side by side with firm Partners and VPs every day. I am getting some great experience, and I really do think I want to go back to school in a few years for a Masters in International Affairs. Obviously, I'm concerned about my undergrad GPA. I was an International Relations major, and I did alright in my major. What tripped me up were some of the econ prerequisites that I had to take, but I consistently wrote A/B papers. I just wasn't a math person. Also, through my firm, I am eligible for a certificate program through a well known university Intelligence and National Security policy.
My question is: With great work experience, letters of rec from firm leadership, doing well on GREs and in this certificate program, do you think I may be able to overcome my low undergrad GPA? Especially since I don't plan on going back until 2016 at the earliest? I hoping to amass as much experience as possible and give myself plenty of time to ace the GRE. Thanks!

Hi, Rachel.

Yes, I think it's possible. The GRE is the first hurdle and is pretty critical, but even if you aren't able to ace it, there are still strategies that you can use.

I have a lot of free planning help on my site (sorry for the "commercial" but it seems to be exactly the kind of support you need) that helps  you plan a strong application over a period of several years.

I also coach the GRE, have been doing so for 23 years and am the lead author of two Barron's test prep books. When the time comes for you to start working on the GRE, I'll be glad to talk with you free of charge to help you understand what you're up against and what your options are.

My site is

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