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QUESTION: Hi.  I just came across a school that doesn't require GMAT or GRE tests for entry.  Is that common?  Does that mean that the school is not very good, or the degree programs are not quality if they don't require those tests?  Thanks

ANSWER: Hi, Danielle.

You don't say what kind of program you're applying for. That can make a difference. In general, though, just the fact that the school doesn't require an entrance exam doesn't necessarily mean it's a poor school. However, it would make me want to check into their accreditation and ranking to find out. There are some schools that attract people who have a hard time qualifying elsewhere. These schools may be very expensive. On the other hand, there are perfectly good schools that just feel that the tests are not helpful.

I suggest you do some additional research into the quality of the school and whether it is much more expensive than comparable schools.

If you need to do the GRE or GMAT, these tests are quite learnable. The math is especially learnable, even if  you are not mathy or have math anxiety.

I hope that helps.

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QUESTION: My question is regarding the online M.A. degree in English offered by Southern New Hampshire University.

I don't know anything about that school but it's not too surprising that an English program would not care much about the GRE. It's also consistent that an online program would not care about the GRE but that could be an indication that the program is possibly overpriced, not well rated or both.

In part it depends on what you want to do with the degree. If you just have to have a masters and the quality of it doesn't matter, this could be fine. If you are aiming for a career in which they will want to know where you got your masters, this might be questionable.

But again I don't know the program. Maybe it's highly thought of. I don't know. So you should look into the school's reputation or take to your potential employers to see what they would think of it.  

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