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Hematology/scared but doctor said everything ok


Dear SIR
In 1985 I had graves decease ,I took neomercazole for 10 years and I overcome the decease but was left with low b12 and iron problems, I am 59 year old and I just received my blood tests which the Doctor said is ok but when I received the print out
I found my tsh was 4.8 normal is 0 to 4,my t3 and t4 were normal my serum iron is 6 normal is 10 to 33
my .my haemoglobin is normal yet my red cell count is elevated 5.3 normal is 3.6 to 5.2 my lymphocytes 4. normal is 1.1 to 4.0 my eosinophils 0.48 normal is 0.04 to 0.40 and it says cells are normochromic and normocytic platelets appear normal comment mild lymphocytosis and mild eosinophilia
my potassium is 5.2 normal is 3.5 tp5.0 my bicarbonate 24 normal is 25to33 other anions 20 normal is 4to17
my CA12 is 9u/ml normal is under 30 my homocysteine is 13 normal is 0.0 to 15
My doctor said everything is ok, i suffer from panic attacks and now I am really scared and my doctor has gone on holidays
what does all this mean
I pray you can put my fears to rest
Thank you"

Hello Helen!
Warm welcome to you!
I saw all your lab results. Though they show mild variations,  I think there is nothing to panic at this point of time. But I highly recommend you retesting CBC and peripheral blood smear after 3-4 month again. Please send those reports after retesting.

Thanking you!

Have a Great day. Bye.


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