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Hematology/unexplained bruising and pain


QUESTION: Dear Dr. Kulkarin.

For approximately 4 months I have had slight swelling on my left lower thigh. Sometimes the slightest touch in that area will cause pain. 24 plus hours after the sensitive pain starts I might have slight bruising.  What could cause this if I did not bump into anything?  I am very aware of my left leg because I have had suffered with sciatic problems for 4 months on my left side.

Brief history left thigh:(A) Approx. 4 months ago I hit my thigh on the corner furniture 2 times. I also had been sitting for a long period of time and had a Ultra sound done and no blood clots. My Internist said bruising is nothing to worry about.
Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Kay!
Warm welcome to you!
Since the bruising is only localised to left lower thigh, you dont have to worry. Its probably because of tissue injury caused by hitting the corner furniture. Normally bruises keep returning easily until the tissue repair in that area is complete. And in these kinds of crush injuries tissue repair is slow! So need to be careful.

Do you have any varicose vein issues? You may need platelet count and some more tests if this 'easy bruising' is generalised. Otherwise dont have to worry. You can apply creams containing 'bromelain' to speed up tissue repair. Also can try heparin creams for bruises. But for this you may need prescription by your doctor.

Thanking you!

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QUESTION: Hi Dr, Kulkarin,

I do not have varicose veins.  I do get easy bruising on both legs, but not the sensitive pain as with the left thigh.  (I am 56 years old and maybe that comes with the territory?)  I see my Internest this month and I will mention a platelet count or any other test you suggest.  I feel better knowing that the left thigh still might be healing from 4 months prior.  Sometimes the pain gets pretty intense.
Thank you

Hi Kay!
Glad to hear back from you!
Development of bruises 'easily' is not related to age. Initially Complete Blood Count (it includes platelet count) and CT(Clotting Time), BT(Bleeding Time) are enough. Later on if required I will suggest further lab investigations.

Thanking you!


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