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Hematology/bleeding and Xarelto


Hello and thank you for your time to answer this question.  I had an ablation this past October and was put on Xarelto to lower stroke risk.  Unfortunately, nearly immediately after the ablation, I began to experience hematuria.  It is not a large amount but is pretty constant.  At first I attributed the bleeding to a possible UTI. the bleeding continued, and I finally asked the EP if I could discontinue the Xarelto as I began to experience other bleeding as well.  He said to replace it with aspirin, which I have done, but the hematuria persists.  How long after you stop Xarelto can I expect before it ends?  Today there was a blood clot (a bit scary I must admit).  It has only been about a week since I stopped the Xarelto.

Thank you again so much for your answer.



Hi Andey!
Xarelto can cause bleeding. And this is more often when combined with below drugs:

   Aspirin or aspirin-containing products
   Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
   Warfarin sodium
   Any medicine that contains heparin
   Other medicines to prevent or treat blood clots
Actually half life of xarelto is 7-11 hrs. So its effect should stop in 1-2 days after you stopped the medication. So I think bleeding could be because of the other medicines you are on. Even aspirin can increase the bleeding time.

Thanking you!


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