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Hematology/Conversion of citrated plasma to serum


I will like to know what chemical is available to convert plasma to serum ? What are the available methods available?
Any scientific journals i can refer to ?

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I think you have misunderstood the concept. Are you a student of hematology? Plasma is the liquid part of blood without any cells. And serum is Blood without Platelets, RBCs and Clotting factors. Serum = Blood - (Platelets, RBCs and Clotting factors).

So you can extract plasma from serum. But can not convert plasma to serum.

If at all you want to convert plasma to serum you need to add only cellular components to it, except RBC and platelets. (This is when we consider the exact meaning of plasma)

But in serological testing when we do not need any cellular components plasma is defibrinated by adding calcium ions (Calcium Chloride) to get serum. (But this serum is not comparable to textual definition of serum).

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